5 Brilliant EPs 2019 | Korean edition

There is so much music out there, its just impossible to keep up with it all. I especially enjoy discovering music from all over the world, and among those, Korean artists are right on top of my list. I would love to share with you these 5 brilliant EPs that caught my attention.


If you enjoy deeply melancholic music but don’t want it to drag you down too much, then I would recommend Korean indie singer Suzanne. While her music is melancholic, dealing with heartbreak and its accompanying thoughts and emotions, it’s also wrapped in electronic beats and an ambient that makes you want to know more. Suzanne has a very soft and beautiful voice that goes together with the music so well, you can just tell that she knows exactly what and how she wants to present herself musically. When she sings “baby don’t leave me” in song “Swimming” in that gentle tone, you feel that with her. “Underwater” is a breathtaking EP with lots of lyrics mostly in English, making it little easier for you to connect with Suzanne and her music. 

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Little something for fans of Erykah Badu, H.E.R. or Chet Faker would be debut EP from Korean-American singer known under her stage name KATIE. If you enjoy mellow style R’n’B, bits of jazzy late-night music and beautiful vocals than I recommend this EP which is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Since KATIE is American, a lot of her music is in English, no need to look for translations of her songs that deal with romance, love and all that comes with it. Since she is signed under AXIS (in connection to YG Entertainment) you can enjoy really beautiful production as well. I would especially recommend my personal favourite “LOVE KILLS”. KATIE also quite recently covered Lil Nas X’s hit “Old Town Road”

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Bloo – It’s not Love I’m just Drunk

I have been really looking forward to more music from Bloo after hearing “Bloo in The Wonderland” which I recommend. His combination of vocals and rapping is uniquely combined with his voice colour. His songs have really strong melancholy as well as a melody in choruses, which makes them extra enjoyable. Lyrically it’s close to the EPs I mention above, love, loneliness and relationships in general. Bloo is part of MKIT RAIN with Nafla or Loopy. Definitely fits late nights, especially accompanied by a glass of drink and constant reminiscence of the past. I especially enjoyed the song “I’m gone”.

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Code Kunst – All About Us feat. Niia

Very short EP, it’s more of a maxi-single really, but one I really wanted to add here is the collaboration between producer and beatmaker Code Kunst and American singer and pianist Niia. This EP is music highlight of last year, I just wish it were longer. Another one that is perfect for late-night and easy listening. There is a very typical and unique sound to the music produced by Code Kunst (and I highly recommend you listen to his album Muggles’ Mansion), which makes you crave more of the song as well as having it lingering on your mind. Not in the sense when you remember the melody but more of the feeling his songs comes with. Niia takes you even further with her beautiful, by the way, jazz trained, vocals. Just beautiful, give it a listen.

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Ashmute – Nigh & Night

Beautiful, beautiful EP by three-member Korean indie band Ashmute is called Night & Night. This EP is fully in Korean language, so you will need either to learn Korean, search for some translations or let the music speak volumes over the language barrier. This is a very melancholic, vocal and ballad EP that deals with many topics, among them also loss and sadness. Unlike different ballad or indie albums, Ashmute use piano heavily which elevates the emotions in Rangs (singer) voice. Its a combination of synth, ballad and indie I really recommend. Be warned, it is playing on the sad strings, but in a very beautiful and honest way.

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