Old is New: • B. Fleischmann •

OLD IS NEW •  This is a category for all those glorious old pieces of music, that skipped our previous attention, but are worth the delay and the listen.


Today I have stumbled upon a CD on sale and it’s fancy and cheerful cover got my attention. I bought it and gave it a listen later on. And what a lovely discovery this turned out to be.

Before this chance, I have never heard about B. Fleischmann, mainly because he is from scene of music, I am yet to truly discover. Another reason being his Austrian roots, as much as I would love, it usually takes luck to discover some interesting music from all over world.

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Daughter are pleasantly haunting

Daughter - Press Images - March 2012 - LondonIndie is everywhere these days, it’s an easy enough sentence, since it’s true. But to distinguish indie you would remember, that is turning out to be difficult.

English, but actually international, indie band “Daughter” just released their second studio album and it’s no less perfect than their debut. The atmosphere presented on this records hits you right from first song called “New ways”.

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Farewell Mr. Rickman


For me, as for many others, this day (or week really given David Bowie sad passing) will forever be remembered. I have always admired his brilliance, devotion, approach and was he not just extraordinary and funny.

It have not started with Severus Snape and while he was such an amazing man to portray this complex character he was much more than that.

To never see him on stage that is the world is a great sadness for me. For he must have been amazing.

Whatever he portrayed be it Shakespeare, voice of God, villain, husband, sommelier or wizard he always brought so much to the character and to whichever mood I had, I could always rely on Mr. Rickman. For he would always be there in one way or another.

So I thank you sir, for you made my life better. And I just wish you would not leave so soon.

Farewell Mr. Rickman.


A girl who will forever remember.

Music in 2015 – My Top 20

As they say this time of year, another one has passed and it is quite a thing to look back on what happened that year. Plenty blogs surely will incline to both good and terrible things that happened last year, I would love to concentrate on what music intrigued me this year.

There were plenty comebacks and also plenty interesting and excellent albums. These twenty I have chosen are from my point of view one of the best I have noticed.


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‘Hurts’ remain lyrically strong

hurts-mike-massaro-diy-02This Friday marked release of third album by British synthpop duo Hurts. Newest album “Surrender” faces rather diverse reviews and I decided put one of my own into the mix. I am a big fan of this band from album ‘Happiness’ which was bands debut, that remains on my list of top albums. By now I have visited 12 of their live shows in numerous different cities and venues (this band sounds the best in small clubs, period), so needless to say that I was rather excited.

You could have guessed diversity of this release from the singles introduced before the actual album. What we could have heard strongly describes the album itself.”Some kind of heaven” and “Lights” want to get you dance and “Rolling Stone” along with “Slow” reminds who exactly are you listening to and attack on the emotions.

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Fresh past back in shops. Released today: Keith Richards & David Gilmour



Today is day when we finally officially hear long awaited releases by what we can safely say are the legends in music industry. But there are more to come and more that have already arrived. We can easily say that this Autumn is all about past coming to us with fresh tunes.

But let’s begin with today. Release companies around the world come to an agreement that Fridays shall become new official music days and so it is this Friday when two music legends come back to us. Both of these release their solo albums in quite a time.

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December's Children (And Everybody's) was released on 4th December 1965

Time Travel: Get Off of My Cloud by The Rolling Stones

Time Travel category is like our person T.A.R.D.I.S with which we’ll take off and explore the history and date to take a closer look and music happenings from past. 


Recorded between 5th and 7th September 1965
Recorded between 5th and 7th September 1965

49 years ago, British band The Rolling Stones recorded their hit single – Get Off of My Cloud” – which followed their possibly most famous song ‘‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” which was recorded on May and released on June 1965.

”Get Off of My Cloud” was an answer on bands growing audience and rising fame and hysterics. As such, it presents rebellion in music they have presented to the fans.

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Jim Kroft

Fresh Frequencies : Jim Kroft

Fresh Frequencies is a category in which I would love to share some musicians that have intrigued my attention but with the amount of new artists every week, may have escaped yours. 

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Jim Kroft is a Berlin based musician whose voice may at times remind you of young John Lennon or perhaps his son Sean. That color is simply there. Before moving to German capitol, Kroft performed in London with his band ‘Myriad Creatures’

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Notice this releases : September

Before getting into article I am sorry for missing previous month, life. Happens. But, this month is quite interesting on new releases, especially from veterans. There is album from Ivan Král, man who played with Patti Smith, David Bowie or Iggy Pop is presenting new material after 12 years. We must not forget a legend – Robert Plant is due for another album with the Sensational Space Shifters, mentioning that this is a voice behind Led Zeppelin is hopefully not necessary. Another legendary voice belongs to Leonard Cohen, whose very successful album ‘Old Ideas’ will soon be followed by 13th studio album. Not to mention upcoming live album from Queen or new studio album from Smokey Robinson, oh but there is so much more.

But it is not all about legends. There are quite a few young artists to which we can look forward. Alt-J especially arisen an awesome wave of excitement. Then new album, releases only yesterday, by the Kooks or a debut album to fill shelves with bit of British rock, never enough of that, Catfish and the Bottlemen.

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