In Company of Mark Gatiss |Febiofest 2018 – Day 1

Despite being to only one screening on my first day of this festival, it was a big one. Before telling you all about the project and meeting the brilliant Mark Gatiss I want to warn you, not for spoilers, but for length and depth of this article. Mr. Gatiss flew from England with the project … Continue reading In Company of Mark Gatiss |Febiofest 2018 – Day 1


In defence of King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

I was excited about this film for a very long time and so I finally got to see it. After that, I checked the reviews and feeling of other people, and I was rather surprised. So much negativity on this film from all the sides. Well, I am here to defend this film. If we … Continue reading In defence of King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

Movie Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy – Vol.2 are endless fun

- contains no spoilers, at all -    I would say that Guardians of The Galaxy are a Marvel, outside Marvel. At least until the Infinity War. The reason why is not only it's completely unusual set of characters, but also the fact, that while all stories so far took us (at least partly) to … Continue reading Movie Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy – Vol.2 are endless fun

Febiofest 2017: Day 3

One day, I will be able to afford the whole festival. But this not the time. So here I am with few words about my third and last day on this festival. And this was quite a ride. This particular festival is one of my favorites because it always brings very interesting and diverse … Continue reading Febiofest 2017: Day 3

Febiofest 2017: Day 2

  I must say, day two was bit disappointing. I've chosen two films which I was quite curious about, both dramas been inspired by the real life, both were supposed to bring the emotions on the edge, each in a different way, but neither of those two films did. So, I would love to tell you … Continue reading Febiofest 2017: Day 2

Febiofest Day1: The Extraordinary Lives

  The annual indie film festival held all over the Czech republic was technically kicked off couple days earlier but I was able to attend only now. And the first day started with a remastered classic. MARS ATTACKS! Director: Tim Burton  Year: 1996 Cast: Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Natalie Portman, Glenn Close Type: Sci-fi/Comedy Mars being … Continue reading Febiofest Day1: The Extraordinary Lives

Review: Dazzling Beauty & The Beast

This review contains no spoilers, but seriously, it is a remake.  So. I have just returned from cinema seeing the live action remake of Disney classic Beauty And The Beast (Guess what, it's been 26 bloody years!). Now, I've watched this piece so many times and although it was never my favorite (It's Anastasia) I was smiling … Continue reading Review: Dazzling Beauty & The Beast

Fantastic Fantastic Beasts

Before I even begin, I must say this:  I am a devoted and very notable, not to mention a faithful fan of Jo Rowling. This English woman has given me so much with her books and the glimpse into her world that I will never be able to repay. When you're a lonely, bullied kid, this sort … Continue reading Fantastic Fantastic Beasts

Febio Fest: Day 2 with kids strenght

My second and last day at Czech film festival "Febio Fest" was filled with equally amazing movies, just as the first one. This time I have chosen to see two films of which both showed just how strong and genuine kids can be, even though they fight their demons of many forms. JEREMY / EL … Continue reading Febio Fest: Day 2 with kids strenght