ONE OK ROCK shined in Prague

Even though everything about this ONE OK ROCK tour shouts "stadium", Prague had a lot of fun in a smaller club scene where all the fans could bond with the band and have a great night. But let's start from the beginning, Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK performed in Prague last night as part … Continue reading ONE OK ROCK shined in Prague


7 O’clock kicked off the European tour

Korean idol group 7 O'clock kicked off their European tour last night with a concert in Prague. The show may have not been perfect for some of the issues with concert technics and organization but the atmosphere between the band members themselves and the audience made up for it 100%. The concert was a mixture … Continue reading 7 O’clock kicked off the European tour

Live: South Club charmed Prague

Korean band South Club is an amazingly interesting project dangling between alternative rock, blues, and grunge, something commercially unusual for Korean music market known internationally, which makes it more special. During their second European tour, South Club came to the Czech Republic and performed at a club called Nová Chmelnice, typically hard rock venue served … Continue reading Live: South Club charmed Prague

Live: Caro Emerald in Prague

Its been 8 years since I've discovered this brilliant Dutch singer and songwriter and all this time I sincerely hoped for a live show "the Netherlands are so close, she got to come right?" Fat chance, it took eight years for Caro to be invited to the Czech Republic but I am telling you right … Continue reading Live: Caro Emerald in Prague

Live: Glass Animals (w. Pumarosa)

Roxy. Prague. Czech Republic 8.11.2016   Last night, in a small theater like club in the center of Prague, Czech Republic, I've seen one of the most intense and charming shows. It's been quite a while since the live show was so thoroughly good, at least where clubs are concerned. English indie band Glass Animas, … Continue reading Live: Glass Animals (w. Pumarosa)

Live: Muse | Drones Tour | Prague

Brittish band MUSE has been one of my favorites for years and I must say, the love for them is growing even stronger. Almost exactly a year ago MUSE released their seventh studio album called "Drones", this album set the band little back to the strong rock influenced times and carries important messages alongside finely … Continue reading Live: Muse | Drones Tour | Prague