Korean albums you probably missed | 2018

Korean music is so much more than Kpop, as addicting and unique as it often is. I would like to take a moment and show you just how vast the Korean music scene is and introduce you to a few albums from the previous year that caught my attention for being simply brilliant and unique … Continue reading Korean albums you probably missed | 2018


Febiofest 2017: Day 3

One day, I will be able to afford the whole festival. But this ...is not the time. So here I am with few words about my third and last day on this festival. And this was quite a ride. This particular festival is one of my favorites because it always brings very interesting and diverse … Continue reading Febiofest 2017: Day 3

Fresh Frequencies: Barns Courtney

DETERMINATION MAKES MUSICIANS AND NICE LINE BETWEEN BLUES AND INDIE I think that is an appropriate way to start an article about British singer and songwriter Barns Courtney. Every self-made musician, working hard to bring their personality into music, to give it that intimate and honest angle people want, comes through a rough path. Barns Courtney is no … Continue reading Fresh Frequencies: Barns Courtney

Live: Glass Animals (w. Pumarosa)

Roxy. Prague. Czech Republic 8.11.2016   Last night, in a small theater like club in the center of Prague, Czech Republic, I've seen one of the most intense and charming shows. It's been quite a while since the live show was so thoroughly good, at least where clubs are concerned. English indie band Glass Animas, … Continue reading Live: Glass Animals (w. Pumarosa)

Daughter are pleasantly haunting

Indie is everywhere these days, it's an easy enough sentence, since it's true. But to distinguish indie you would remember, that is turning out to be difficult. English, but actually international, indie band "Daughter" just released their second studio album and it's no less perfect than their debut. The atmosphere presented on this records hits … Continue reading Daughter are pleasantly haunting