From Amsterdam to Wonder Women | Febiofest – Day 2

Day 2 offered more films paticularly the back stories behind creation of #wonderwoman and the women and man behind her.

Febiofest 2017: Day 3

One day, I will be able to afford the whole festival. But this not the time. So here I am with few words about my third and last day on this festival. And this was quite a ride. This particular festival is one of my favorites because it always brings very interesting and diverse... Continue Reading →

Febiofest 2017: Day 2

  I must say, day two was bit disappointing. I've chosen two films which I was quite curious about, both dramas been inspired by the real life, both were supposed to bring the emotions on the edge, each in a different way, but neither of those two films did. So, I would love to tell you... Continue Reading →

Febiofest Day1: The Extraordinary Lives

  The annual indie film festival held all over the Czech republic was technically kicked off couple days earlier but I was able to attend only now. And the first day started with a remastered classic. MARS ATTACKS! Director: Tim Burton  Year: 1996 Cast: Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Natalie Portman, Glenn Close Type: Sci-fi/Comedy Mars being... Continue Reading →

Febio Fest: Day 2 with kids strenght

My second and last day at Czech film festival "Febio Fest" was filled with equally amazing movies, just as the first one. This time I have chosen to see two films of which both showed just how strong and genuine kids can be, even though they fight their demons of many forms. JEREMY / EL... Continue Reading →

Febio Fest: Day 1 with real life

On 20.3, Sunday I have had the pleasure going to Czech film festival known as Febio Fest, personally my favourite. This year, this festival certainly has a lot to offer. Unfortunately I can not visit more than two days of this festival, so I had to pick carefully. Well, not that carefully Sunday was clearly... Continue Reading →

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