Book Review: The Miniaturist (Jessie Burton)

  Published: 24.08.2014 Author: Jessie Burton Genre: Thriller/History  Follow Jessie | Goodreads  England / ISBN: 0062306812 - Contains mild spoilers - The Miniaturist, this story will take you to the heart of 17th century Amsterdam, and all it meant for life, at some pages, at least. What I must say about this book and what I... Continue Reading →

Febiofest 2017: Day 2

  I must say, day two was bit disappointing. I've chosen two films which I was quite curious about, both dramas been inspired by the real life, both were supposed to bring the emotions on the edge, each in a different way, but neither of those two films did. So, I would love to tell you... Continue Reading →

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