In Company of Mark Gatiss |Febiofest 2018 – Day 1

Despite being to only one screening on my first day of this festival, it was a big one. Before telling you all about the project and meeting the brilliant Mark Gatiss I want to warn you, not for spoilers, but for length and depth of this article. Mr. Gatiss flew from England with the project … Continue reading In Company of Mark Gatiss |Febiofest 2018 – Day 1


Amy Liptrot: The Outrun

This is not really a review but more of a very personal look back at reading a brilliant little book called "The Outrun". „I‘m back under these decaying clouds and deep skies, living among the elements that made me“, writes Amy Liptrot in her autobiographical book "The Outrun". There were so many reasons for me … Continue reading Amy Liptrot: The Outrun

Fresh Frequencies: Barns Courtney

DETERMINATION MAKES MUSICIANS AND NICE LINE BETWEEN BLUES AND INDIE I think that is an appropriate way to start an article about British singer and songwriter Barns Courtney. Every self-made musician, working hard to bring their personality into music, to give it that intimate and honest angle people want, comes through a rough path. Barns Courtney is no … Continue reading Fresh Frequencies: Barns Courtney

Time Travel: Beatles & 4th September

4th September does not seem like such a significant date. Well. With thousands of years of human history, something was bound to happen, so yes. On 4th of September, we remember the greatly damaging fire of London in 1666, and as it often happens in human history, there were couple wars and rebellions, be it … Continue reading Time Travel: Beatles & 4th September

Live: Muse | Drones Tour | Prague

Brittish band MUSE has been one of my favorites for years and I must say, the love for them is growing even stronger. Almost exactly a year ago MUSE released their seventh studio album called "Drones", this album set the band little back to the strong rock influenced times and carries important messages alongside finely … Continue reading Live: Muse | Drones Tour | Prague

‘Hurts’ remain lyrically strong

This Friday marked release of third album by British synthpop duo Hurts. Newest album "Surrender" faces rather diverse reviews and I decided put one of my own into the mix. I am a big fan of this band from album 'Happiness' which was bands debut, that remains on my list of top albums. By now … Continue reading ‘Hurts’ remain lyrically strong