Annihilation: Witness the Evolution

I knew about the film of course, but before that, I didn't really know about the trilogy of books written by Jeff Vandermeer, despite them actually being already translated into the Czech language. I suppose I spend too many hours diving into the fantasy realms that I am missing out on a lot of post-apocalyptic … Continue reading Annihilation: Witness the Evolution


Beowulf (J.R.R.Tolkien): Fantasy Before Its Time

There are many authors who were fascinated by this medieval poem depicting the Danes, their kings and legends. Like many works of fiction, even Beowulf is roughly based on kings who lived before the time this book was written. Roughly dated back to the year 1000 AD, although many professors date the manuscript to an … Continue reading Beowulf (J.R.R.Tolkien): Fantasy Before Its Time

A Slip of the Keyboard: Fun for writers

Terry Pratchett was undoubtedly a genius in many things. Be it his ability to humor you beyond reason with his vast fantastical ideas or completely emotionally disarm you with his ability to get right to the point of being a human (or not) without you even excepting it. Those are one of the main reasons … Continue reading A Slip of the Keyboard: Fun for writers

Amy Liptrot: The Outrun

This is not really a review but more of a very personal look back at reading a brilliant little book called "The Outrun". „I‘m back under these decaying clouds and deep skies, living among the elements that made me“, writes Amy Liptrot in her autobiographical book "The Outrun". There were so many reasons for me … Continue reading Amy Liptrot: The Outrun

Book Review: The Miniaturist (Jessie Burton)

  Published: 24.08.2014 Author: Jessie Burton Genre: Thriller/History  Follow Jessie | Goodreads  England / ISBN: 0062306812 - Contains mild spoilers - The Miniaturist, this story will take you to the heart of 17th century Amsterdam, and all it meant for life, at some pages, at least. What I must say about this book and what I … Continue reading Book Review: The Miniaturist (Jessie Burton)