Bigger Message is a journey through time and space

Conversation with David Hockney is a journey through time and space of art, influences, philosophies and love towards nature and photography.

Amy Liptrot: The Outrun

This is not really a review but more of a very personal look back at reading a brilliant little book called "The Outrun". „I‘m back under these decaying clouds and deep skies, living among the elements that made me“, writes Amy Liptrot in her autobiographical book "The Outrun". There were so many reasons for me... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Miniaturist (Jessie Burton)

  Published: 24.08.2014 Author: Jessie Burton Genre: Thriller/History  Follow Jessie | Goodreads  England / ISBN: 0062306812 - Contains mild spoilers - The Miniaturist, this story will take you to the heart of 17th century Amsterdam, and all it meant for life, at some pages, at least. What I must say about this book and what I... Continue Reading →

Review: David Duchovny – Holy Cow

  Why have I given this book five stars? Well, allow me to explain. This little lovely book has everything I want from a story. For the setting of it, it has just the right length, it's very funny, it's easy to read but it's also philosophical and story hiding inside this perhaps little bizarre... Continue Reading →

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