New Releases: Weeks #11 – #13

  VANBOT - SIBERIA  Synthpop| Released: 7.4.2017 | Sweden  Buy | Listen | Follow | Website  Tracklist:  1 Not That Kind (Moscow) 2 Stay With Me (Perm) 3 Yekaterinburg 4 On the Fly (Omsk) 5 Collide (Krasnoyarsk) 6 Hard to Get Used To (Baikal) 7 Fiction (Listvyanka) 8 Louder (Ulan-Ude) 9 Wasted (Terelj) 10 Close... Continue Reading →

Album Releases: Weeks #4

Unfortunately, I have been quite ill and could not come with any article in the last three weeks. So here is the 4th week and I'll try to keep up with the rest as soon as I can 🙂 WEEK #4  The fourth week was probably the most interesting so far, there is some amazing new... Continue Reading →

Album Releases: Week #2

The second week of 2017 has been a lot richer when it comes to the music releases than the first one. I've picked a few to talk about and wrote you little list bellow, perhaps you'll find your favorite. It was a lot of comebacks and lot of indie/ambient releases this week. THE XX -... Continue Reading →

Albums to conquer

Better late then never comes my recommendation list of quite intriguing new albums you should really give listen to. And I am going to start very fresh with new and renew Iggy Pop.   IGGY POP - POST POP DEPRESSION                       |70%| American singer Iggy... Continue Reading →

Daughter are pleasantly haunting

Indie is everywhere these days, it's an easy enough sentence, since it's true. But to distinguish indie you would remember, that is turning out to be difficult. English, but actually international, indie band "Daughter" just released their second studio album and it's no less perfect than their debut. The atmosphere presented on this records hits... Continue Reading →

‘Hurts’ remain lyrically strong

This Friday marked release of third album by British synthpop duo Hurts. Newest album "Surrender" faces rather diverse reviews and I decided put one of my own into the mix. I am a big fan of this band from album 'Happiness' which was bands debut, that remains on my list of top albums. By now... Continue Reading →

Arcs, the other side of The Black Keys.

If you catch a new tune on your radio titled "Outta My Mind" and you instantly think, "hey, new Black Keys". You won't be correct but neither you will be exactly wrong. Mentioned single is one of the songs featured on freshly released album "Yours, dreamily" which came out 4.9.2015 and features 15 tracks from... Continue Reading →

Review : Ed Sheeran – X

Three years in life of a musician are quite a time. And Ed Sheeran's proves this theory on his new album 'x' which easily stands to it's names. Instead of following his debut '+' - Sheeran does indeed multiplies (x) his music. From simple, yet beautiful melancholy love ballads, accompanied only by his guitar to... Continue Reading →

Review: Black Keys – Turn Blue

I have read several Black Keys reviews on their new album before I listened to my own copy and from their comments I expected funk. But I surely heard very fine blues instead! I can agree on one thing only, Black Keys went in different direction with their eight studio album, dropping rock and inserting... Continue Reading →

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