Review: Pixies – Indie Cindy

1986 was the year when world first seen American alternative rock band Pixies. It has been a long career since these guys from Boston released their first demo 'Come On Pilgrim' and continued with albums Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossanova and Trompe le Monde. That brings us to the new album 'Indie Cindy' freshly released 23 … Continue reading Review: Pixies – Indie Cindy


Review : Ndidi – Dark Swing

    If you do not know Ndidi Onukwulu, then it is one of the biggest mistake of you as a music fan. This beautiful women from British Columbia who tried her first luck on open stages in New York is a gift for music scene at these often hard times. You will lover both her soul … Continue reading Review : Ndidi – Dark Swing

Notice This Releases : April

What can we expect in music this month ? I picked couple of albums I think should not escape your attention. I am altough, going to mention one march release. Funky, dancy, gypsy-step London group Molotov Jukebox released their debut album 'Carnival Flower' and if summer is you iternal happy mood and you want something … Continue reading Notice This Releases : April

Review : Noah | Pity of that script

 Epic biblical epos telling story of Noah to new generation with nice CGI work seemed like a nice shot. I was in awaits what is director Darren Aronofsky going to deliver but I was a bit dissapointed. All on this movie was brilliant but the script. It was somehoe new view, new income and missed … Continue reading Review : Noah | Pity of that script

Grammy, Grammy ?

What were those Grammy awarded gramophones you feel good and happy about ? Nothing really suprising happened this year unless perhaps, I was suprised by some 2012 nominations (Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day, Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire)  and less 2013 albums (perhaps Paul McCartney - New or Robbie Williams - Swing Both Ways) … Continue reading Grammy, Grammy ?

Notice This Releases : February 2014

ALTERNATIVE. INDIE. ROCK. ELECTRONIC.  TIP: You may remember band called Broken Bells, this indie rock group is trying to catch our attention again. After four years from debut here come new album - After The Disco (4.2.2014)  also expect . Bombay Bicycle Club - See You Tomorrow | . Gardens & Villa - Dunes. | Peter … Continue reading Notice This Releases : February 2014

Never Sol : Czech pop may rise again

Czech Music sceen that is one big question '?'. Is it bad ? No. Is it good ? Commercialy ? No. But beneath the tv (ish) and magazine (ish) nonsences is hidden well formed underground, jazz, blues and perhaps so well functioned ska section. But from time to time out of radio and music groups … Continue reading Never Sol : Czech pop may rise again