“BE” with BTS this Autumn

Right about now BTS would be finishing up the biggest tour in the history of the band, with their popularity growing everyday worldwide. Unfortunately like many others, the bands concerts and live shows halting. This is when BTS, back during the first months of pandemic, decided on a unique project – brand new self-produced album.

BTS decided to divide their roles and in a series of live videos kept on informing their fans about the little information’s about the producing and developing process. The first little tease grew up the expectations out of the window with release of an enormous, and first all-English, song Dynamite.

Dynamite broke number of records, including 100 milion views on YouTube in a day and 7,778,950 plays on Spotify within 24 hours.

We poured in the emotions that we feel now, such as joy and sorrow, into this album.

Jimin, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

“BE” has become highly anticipated album soon after the announcement of roles each member was going to be playing in the writing and producing of their second record in 2020 alone, and with each member now credited respectfully for each song, as you can view here.

The roles for this album were as follows Jimin (music project manager), RM (producer), SUGA (Album Jacket Visual Manager), J-Hope (choreographer), Jungkook (Video Project Manager), V (Photo Visuals Project Manager) and Jin as manager.

Todays release of the album was also a release of it’s title single ‘Life Goes On” a beautiful song in a spirit of monster hit ‘Spring Day’ goes on assuring fans and listeners that even if the world has stopped for a moment ‘Life Goes On’ and in the the future

‘The day will come back around,
As if nothing happened’
Yeah life goes on
Like an arrow in the blue sky
Another day flying by
On my pillow, on my table
Yeah life goes on
Like this again

There are moments to find little happiness in. The song MV reflecting both happiness from finding more about oneself and appreciating little things as well as missing what they love the most, performing. Tagging on emotions with beautiful vocals and light melodies.

FLY TO MY ROOM (Jimin, V, J-Hope) following the main single takes you to your own room and your own world, which was also a concept of the album V and the band came up with. The song has a very sentimental undertones and yet it is very light when you listen to it. “Fly To My Room (내 방을 여행하는 법) gives message that is now relatable for us all:

I want to leave any way, There’s no way, This room is all I have, Then, what can I do here?, Into my world

That is something we all can feel clearly now and relate to and that’s what makes this song very special to listen to, especially with a perfect ending that will one day sound spectacularly at the concerts, inviting fans into the sing-along.

BLUE & GREY is the most emotional song on the album, bringing your heartbeat to a slower pace with its beat. The song goes into heavier topics one can deal with in lockdowns and pandemics or even within oneself. We all fight out own demons, anxiety, depressions, sadness all of that can become heavier during these times. But it is also important to find our own happiness and remembering we do deserve it, which has been message in BTS music and philosophies for years.

“I am singing by myself I just wanna be happier Am I being too greedy?”

SKIT is a classic especially veteran fans will remember. In the early albums you could always get a glimpse at little funny conversation caught unplanned on tape. This time it’s the BILLBOARD #1 throwback for Dynamite, which especially SUGA was very enthusiastic about and which also dropped on Jungkook’s birthday. Since then Dynamite has not left the charts. This is the first SKIT since release of “Skool Luv Affair” back in 2014.

TELEPATHY the most upbeat song on the album has immediately became my personal favorite. While you were sentimental and emotional with the first part of the album “Telepathy” makes you immediately move with it’s beat fitting genius producer SUGA style and lyrics coming up to an important conclusion, we are still the same, we can be bored, we can have fun. Let’s do things at our own speed.

“Even though we’re far away now, Our hearts are still the same”

병(DIS-EASE) on the other hand screams J-Hope, who produced the song as well. Again very upbeat song with old school hip hop beat about what these times means for artists, how difficult and important it is to deal with the instant stop and uncertainty the times have for artists and people alike. The catchy bridge of the song was written by Jimin.

A friend named “rest” oh, I never liked him
How much do you have to earn to be happy?
This disease hits your head like glass
I don’t know if it’s the world that’s sick

O​ur relationship with one another has been our greatest strength. The transparency in our group is reflected in our music through the honest messages that we deliver to our listeners.

JUNGKOOK, Rolling Stones India

STAY (RM, Jin, Jungkook) is a song that has the upbeat Jungkook so wished for in the original live. The two vocalists accompanied by RM raps telling the story of assurance that no matter where you are, you and they, we always stay. “Stay” is despite its sweet lyrics and EDM song meant to go wild, and it feels like one of the songs you really get to appreciate live, which makes it little sad to listen to at the moment. Originally the song was fully in English but was later combined with Korean lyrics. The song is fully indented for the enormous fanbase called “ARMY”.

It ain’t the end of the world
The present, it shine like a pearl
These are just a few crisis
But I’m gonna change you

DYNAMITE was the fist tease BTS showed and became an enormous hit. The funky with combination of disco is the perfect song to light up the mood. As BTS indented, this song was to bring a little happiness to peoples lives during the hard times everyone is going through.

“The latest story from BTS begins by declaring that ‘even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on’ and imparts a message of healing to fans and to the world.”


And on this note BTS finished their latest album “BE”, which is the 9th album from the Korean band. The album has a clear message and just like many of their songs aims on lyrics that are close to peoples heart. As oppose to the previous albums in this BTS concentrate on light melodies and beats that combine melancholy, joy and hope. It is also one of the few albums on which the rap line does not have “go hard” song such as “UGH” , “Tear” or “Cypher”, concentrating on the original goal of this album. A little happiness and understanding to what BTS as people and as artist are feeling at these times and how they can relate to the feeling of their fans and listeners.

You can listen to the fill album on Spotify or buy your copy at any local retailer selling music CDs in their physical form or digital here.

Credits: Genius Lyrics, Weverse, NME, Rolling Stones India


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