Forth with the new music ladies

There is never enough music from ladies and for that reason I want to talk about some of the new music from some of the best ladies. These album and EPs are jewels and absolutely deserve your attention, if only just once. Perhaps you find the sound or ambient you have been looking for.

Orla Gartland – Freckle Season

Someone who I absolutely love and admire is an Irish singer and songwriter Orla Gartland who just released her new EP “Freckle Season”. It a beautiful, beautiful genuine indie. There are many singers who have that genuine feeling but to me, very few feel as real as when Orla Gartland delivers her lyrics. They truly feel like from the bottom of her heart, and that makes it so easy to apply them to yourself, whether you have a heart or not, you will develop these feelings, I am telling you… Besides, her voice is filled with so many emotions, it makes the experience from this short but sweet EP all the better.

You can catch Orla Gartland on tour very soon, and she will come to Prague as well. See more information about tickets here.

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Younha – Unstable Mindset

Someone I absolutely want to talk about is my favorite female singer from South Korea, and its Younha. Her new EP “Unstable Mindset” was released at the very beginning of the year. If you enjoy powerful ballads with powerful yet sweet voice, then you will love this singer. The main single “Winter Flower” is accompanied by RM from BTS and is the type of song that takes you on a journey through your emotions and dreams, whether you like it or not. Their voice combine in a very beautiful way. But don’t forget to listen to the rest of the album, which mostly has melancholic feeling, very fitting this time of the year.

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Whoever said soul and jazz of old was dead? I sure did not. ALA.NI is someone you absolutely must give a listen if Billie Holiday or Judy Garland are someone you love, how could you not? But also if you love something unique, experimental and playful. ALA.NI is a British singer and songwriter who works on her music in France and who is doing a music that deserves all the worlds attention.

Exactly that world that is yapping about people not doing good music while they consume only whats given to them. Well it will be difficult, particularly here, to find ALA.NI unless you search, and that is sad because this record is beyond unbelievable. The music on this album has so many elements it is just joy coming back to this album, because each time you discover something you have not noticed before – be it something in the lyrics, vocalisation, lyrics or instruments. Record I highly recommend.

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Elín Ey – Gone

This time I would love to take you to a beautiful scenic indie. Icelandic singer Elín Ey released short but very beautiful EP called “Gone” which centres on her very haunting voice which takes you on a journey through her heart and feelings she wants to express. Its definitely a listening for late night, when you are fully lost in your own thoughts.”Gone” is accompanies by piano, beats and very intense atmosphere that only Icelandic artists can deliver with such intensity. Title “Gone” stays very true to the lyrics Elín Ey is delivering to you, talking about the of disappointment, loosing control and heartbreak, coming back with completely new sound and songs fully in English. I don’t really wanna say its more mature sound from her previous music, because that’s just ridiculous expression, but the change is quite visible, especially in what Elín Ey needed to express from her life and experiences and emotions she felt over the years and now needed to express on her new record.

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Alexandra Savior – The Archer

Second studio album from american singer and songwriter Alexandra Savior is such a joy to listen to. It starts with a very very melancholic vibe, a while you can expect right that through most of the album, it also has very unique music style throughout, including a little psychedelic vibe, something that fits her voice brilliantly, something you can hear in her song “Saving Grace”, my absolute favorite from this record.

Alexandra Savior is someone whose sound I find very intriguing, one of her many influences are Otis Redding, Adele or Amy Winehouse and you can definitely hear how diverse and unique sound she also wants to create for herself, and does creates it. I would say, if you love combination or psychedelic sound with indie, and are in a bit of a drowsy mood, this album is perfect choice for you.

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