7 O’clock kicked off the European tour

Korean idol group 7 O’clock kicked off their European tour last night with a concert in Prague. The show may have not been perfect for some of the issues with concert technics and organization but the atmosphere between the band members themselves and the audience made up for it 100%.

The concert was a mixture of their hard work as idols, a mix of both touching and entertaining covers and neverending fan service. The band showed their dances even with the difficulties caused by the stage, which had a large step for drums right in the middle of it.

The show was truly interesting since it was the first proper “idol” show I visited. These have a lot of dancing, talking and cute moments, ready to please fans of any age.
7 O´Clock prepared many videos introducing all the members but also many units formed within the band, each showing their individual talents. For me, the most touching moment was the “I Don’t Care” cover from my favorites, 2NE1. But there were also songs by BTS, Bruno Mars or the legendary “Paradise” from the Korean drama “Boys over Flowers”, which was written by the band’s director. Personally, I would have loved to hear more of their own songs, but I was very happy with the created atmosphere and the mix of dancy and ballads songs.


Overall, the concert was very pleasant and I am very happy the boys could perform in Prague even over the previous issues with tickets. The thing is, for Europe, and particularly central Europe, tickets at this price need more than 2 weeks to properly sell.

I highly recommend seeing the band and discovering their beautiful music which can move your body and your soul.

You can still see the boys in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and Marocco in the following week. For tickets visit Beyond Ent official ticket store.


You can follow both the band and the company bringing them and many other Korean artists to Europe on the following links

7 O’clock 

Beyond Entertainment 





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