Live: Caro Emerald in Prague


Its been 8 years since I’ve discovered this brilliant Dutch singer and songwriter and all this time I sincerely hoped for a live show “the Netherlands are so close, she got to come right?” Fat chance, it took eight years for Caro to be invited to the Czech Republic but I am telling you right now, every second of that long wait was worth these two hours.

Let’s start with an opening act though. Until very last minutes when I passed the merch table, which I can never resist, I didn’t know if it would be only Caro or some Czech support as well.
The difficult task was given to Czech jazz singer Diva Baara. Now, the important piece of information for this is thus: the show was moved to a bigger venue. Diva Baara is, as quality goes, a very good act. With her was a four-piece band including electric guitar and contrabass, making it a very interesting small jazz band. She sang beautifully and worked hard to finally put people waiting for Caro at ease. It was her jokes that did it, but also the jokes “that could make space for one more joke” some Czech media say.
I disagree. Diva Baara took a difficult role of opening act on a show nobody was expecting one and on a stage, the style of music and setting wasn’t prepared for, including the artists very well and put on a nice opening show, including a stepdance.

And then comes the wait for stage prep, a wait, that was ruined a little right in the first song when all the mics went out of business, which can happen but the lady as talented, funny and beautiful as Caro Emerald can handle this without any obstacle and with every grace. After this little slip-up, everything was working but the sound was sadly not perfect.

But I didn’t mind and I certainly forgot all about it in moments to come. The tour for “Easter Europe” started in Prague and then moves, well, east. It was great to be the first show and Czech audience certainly made a nice impression on Caro. But the tour itself was a response to a new EP – Emerald Island which became a theme of a whole show. With a big screen for illustrations of an actual island and tropic electro swing feeling to the whole album, one could almost forget we are at a peak of a winter season.

The repertoire for the whole show was the greatest hits of her two previous and amazing albums I absolutely recommend but her live versions of these same albums, now that is something else.

Not only did Caro Emerald came to the Prague, so this her ensemble of brilliant musicians, you had drums, all sort of keyboard you’ve never heard of, brilliant contrabass and trumpets with saxophone. It had it all. All of the musicians were showmen and filled the bits, when Caro was changing clothes, to a perfection. The solo between saxophone and trumpet was one of the best damn things I have ever seen.

Between her old tracks like “Tangled Up”, “Like that Man” or “Night Like this”, Caro kept the show going depending not if she slowed down or pumped the audience right up. The band played new tracks as well among them “The Ghost of You” or “Never ever”, I wish I wrote down all the musicians names because they make half the show and the interpretations of the songs took you from exotica of the new EP to the swing, electro swing and jazz mixed with pop. I am not making fun of you or anyone else, they mix all this up and it works.

In the end, 2000 people in Czech Forum Karlín wanted more and more and they got two encores and a great show. Sadly I could not attend 2016 Colors of Ostrava, while that festival is great, it’s also little far and bloody expensive, but this ticket I’d buy all over again. If you are somewhere on that tour where Caro will soon be going, I am telling you right now, go get a ticket. You can check the rest of the tour dates here. From the “Eastern Europe,” Caro is visiting Poland and then moving along to Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria or Germany ending with the bunch of shows all over the United Kingdom. You will not see a show like this! Go!


The newest music project from Czech singer Bára Vaculíková.
This Czech singer is now starting her own career in jazz genres which will remind you of the 30’s jazz bar atmosphere. Her lyrics are mostly in Czech language and aim at the romance and moving on, but also on life. The project had debut album which was self-titled and is quite an interesting listen.



By full name Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw this singer has a two full and one live album of her discography going between genres like jazz, swing, pop and electro-swing but also world music and exotica.
She won a number of awards, including MTV EMA or 3FM Awards for her unique music. The style of her music is not only unique but also very passionate in both melody and lyrics often referring to topics like romance, life but also fun and fashion, both very close to electro-swing and Caro herself. Now on tour with Emerald Island EP.



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Concert photos by Retrovold 


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