Live: Glass Animals (w. Pumarosa)

Roxy. Prague. Czech Republic


Last night, in a small theater like club in the center of Prague, Czech Republic, I’ve seen one of the most intense and charming shows. It’s been quite a while since the live show was so thoroughly good, at least where clubs are concerned.

English indie band Glass Animas, arrived with a very strong support group as well. PUMAROSA, that is the name you need to both remember and most importantly check out.

PUMAROSA is an English band mostly based in London that certainly can deliver quite an amazing show. This band is somehow a mix of post-rock and rock with jazz/electronic fusion. And it so works. Their performance nicely kicked and prepared the crowd for really intense and amazing Glass Animals show.

You could get the little dance moves in, you could enjoy raw guitars and even some saxophone. Now I was really impressed and I hope to see them again, this time as the main act.

With just a little moment between shows, where the trusted guys changed the whole stage and made it nice and clean for the Glass Animals to move around, or in a case of Dave Bayley (singer) to, do a lot around.

Glass Animals are a treasure all in itself, their music is playful, this new album even more ballsy and unique than the debute ZABA, released in 2014. I was in love with this band from the very first tune I’ve heard. They always have room to surprise you. They can be both insense and gentle. It is, genre speaking, an indie group, but it’s one of those where you truly remember the sound.

I was really surprised by their live act. Not in a way where I would expect them to fail, that is utter nonsense. But in a way, they wrote their newest record – How to Be a Human Being. Now that is truly playful record at which the band really must have spent a moment to think, “How are we gonna do this live?!” And they nailed it.

At a point, singer Dave even crossed the floor among fans to sing a song on top of his sound recordist. To the very heart attack of security members. What fun.

The crowd loved them, I loved them and you could see the band loved the atmosphere created by Czech fans as well. They played plenty new songs but did not fail to go back to hits that took hem to this momentum.

It was truly one of the best live act I’ve to see in a while and I must say, if you are still ahead of their tour, go. It’s worth every damn penny. And in small clubs, let me tell you, that one hell of an intense, exhausting but so brilliant show!

PUMAROSA | England 
Discography: EP – Pumarosa 
Connect: Instagram | Twitter 

Discography: Zaba (2014), How To Be a Human Being (2016) 
Connect: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram




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