‘Hurts’ remain lyrically strong

hurts-mike-massaro-diy-02This Friday marked release of third album by British synthpop duo Hurts. Newest album “Surrender” faces rather diverse reviews and I decided put one of my own into the mix. I am a big fan of this band from album ‘Happiness’ which was bands debut, that remains on my list of top albums. By now I have visited 12 of their live shows in numerous different cities and venues (this band sounds the best in small clubs, period), so needless to say that I was rather excited.

You could have guessed diversity of this release from the singles introduced before the actual album. What we could have heard strongly describes the album itself.”Some kind of heaven” and “Lights” want to get you dance and “Rolling Stone” along with “Slow” reminds who exactly are you listening to and attack on the emotions.

As we know third albums are often critical in bands futures. And Theo Hutchcraft along with Adam Anderson went different way, as they did with previous “Exile” securing their position not only with album but with upcoming tour as well.

The whole album moves away from the melancholy of the first release and darkness of the Exile and sounds much more like an actual happiness with maintaining atmosphere of the band itself. Even though there are songs which sound exactly like the good old Hurts (which will make the old soul fans happy, like myself), there are plenty of songs which follows singers Theo Hutchcrafts first collaboration with radio-hit machine Calvin Harris and thus sound more mainstream than ever before.

Which leads us to my other point, some songs such as “Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us”, “Kaleidoscope” or “Why” linger toward samplings more than instruments itself, Hurts are still keeping their strong suit inside this album and such being strong lyrics as is exceptional “Rolling Stone” and equally strong vocals which gives this band their unmissable emotionality and atmosphere.

In overall I do enjoy this album, but the strongest moments for me are those taking me back to the first sound of the Hurts, but to claim this album written by Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson can not stand strong, now that would be a lie. Quite the opposite, perhaps it will get attention of new “Under Control” fans.

Release: 9.10.2015
Lionesca says: 70% 

1. Surrender
2. Some kind of heaven
3. Why
4. Nothing will be bigger than us
5. Rolling Stone
6. Lights
7. Slow
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Wings
10. Wish
— Deluxe edition
11. Perfect Timing
12. Weight of the World
13. Policewoman



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