Review: Black Keys – Turn Blue

Black KeysI have read several Black Keys reviews on their new album before I listened to my own copy and from their comments I expected funk. But I surely heard very fine blues instead!

I can agree on one thing only, Black Keys went in different direction with their eight studio album, dropping rock and inserting more blues with hints of the 70’s. It is surely always a risk for a band to move from their comfort zone, as it is for anyone, but this album is little too underestimated.

The very beginning with track ‘Weight Of Love’ shows the unmistakable Black Keys sound with soul and it’s very lovable blues. This album will clearly open to new group of fans. Many were expecting another ‘El Camino’ which was very successful and also very good album but why produce the same material twice.

Rather then funk, what I hear is juicy blues that would easily fit between 70’a and 80’s, with rhythmical guitar and changing tempos along the way, it can even appears to you as psychedelic and late night music mood. This album does not miss soul in either musical or human definition.

Perhaps, if you have been a long time fan of The Black Keys, you may need to listen twice to the ‘Turn Blue’ to hear, understand and really appreciate the subtle changes in band’s music.

The title song, ‘Turn Blue’, has a more psychedelic mood than the previous ‘In Time’, which reminds listeners of soul existence, and perhaps, hint of funk.

First single ‘Fever’ can offer us the funky so many critics proclaimed. Many people expect the album to be like the single, but this is a typical example of where there is so much more depth shown in the release.

The album from this moment speeds up and is indeed not all slow as many critics are claiming. Whereas ‘Year in Review’ reminds you of the old Black Keys, with trademark back vocals, ‘It’s Up To You Now’ has even hint of rock’n’roll.

‘Waiting On Words’ again slows us down and offers very fine ballad reminding of time with ‘Little Black Submarines’ from previous album. Don’t expect the same song, it still stays withing the theme of the new release, the pattern though, is very visible.

The album continues with it’s blues theme, until the final song ‘Gotta Get Away’, which changes to a playful song that sums up whole album very well. Showing this album surely is multi functional.

In summary I personally enjoyed whole album very much. It’s whole package to me. Good blues music with fine amount of experiments and mood swings.


Release date: 12.5.2014
Musicians: Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney
Producer: Danger Mouse

1. “Weight Of Love” – 6:50
2. “In Time” – 4:28
3. “Turn Blue” – 3:42
4. “Fever” – 4:06
5. “Year in Review” – 3:48
6. “Bullet in the Brain” – 4:15
7. “It’s Up To You Now” – 3:10
8. “Waiting On Words” – 3:37
9. “10 Lovers” – 3:33
10. “In Our Prime” – 4:38
11. “Gotta Get Away” – 3:02


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