Review : Ndidi – Dark Swing



If you do not know Ndidi Onukwulu, then it is one of the biggest mistake of you as a music fan. This beautiful women from British Columbia who tried her first luck on open stages in New York is a gift for music scene at these often hard times. You will lover both her soul & voice .New album ‘Dark Swing’ is without any doubt in my mind her best piece and brightest moment this year so far.

‘How Long’ is best way to start an album. It’s beats will catch your attention right away not to mention swing mood with soul (ish) voice. It’s a song that makes you dance around kitchen (if you like) and sing along. To release this on spring was right and approved idea.


Motion of ‘Engine Gone Cold’ wants you to know what comes from ’round the corner, it has tiny bits of country ballad with beats and Ndidi defining voice.

‘Sit Down’ is playfull from beginning to the end on both music and voicing side. It offers you beats again filled with second voices that makes the day.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who don’t recognize brilliant voice with power without “loong notes” when singer does a lot of ‘all within my power’ voicing then song ‘Love and Laughter’ will be exactly for you. In this beautiful ballad, which will be stunning on big stages and perhaps in acoustic version, Ndidi presents her full voice for everyone to hear. It’s very emotional and filled with wide open tones.

We will speed up a bit in ‘Don’t Come Around Here’ yet not much. This song has nice melancholy feeling that follows up nicely previous song.

If you rembember hit documentary – Searching For Sugarman’ next song will be just for you. Ndidi took Sixto Rodriguez’s most known song and placed it into her tone and soul. The pace has slowed down and showes nice new look on ‘Sugarman’ song.

‘Last Of The Pure’ is nice example why is Ndidi so hard to place into some sort of genre box. It has a lot of ish – pop, soul, jazz. Song prepares us on speeding pace again with nice clapping part in song just before festivals season for you to learn.

Speeding up. Beating up. ‘Why Can’t You Be Mine ?’ This one had bit encounter with rockabilly playfull ground and throws you back into dance mode.

‘Dark Swing’ title track defines whole album. It’s passionate and brilliant ballad with goose skin impact. It is quite hard to tell you about this album without sounding little too excited but if you listen you will know yourself.

Closing song ‘Yer So Bad’ is yet another ballad. This one leaves beats for guitar and very slow quiet pace that let you deep in thoughts which is exactly what this album nicely does to you. It is fine to listen in any mood because it’s own mood swings will take you along on the ride. Don’t let the word ballad scare you away, those are happy and touching once. Highly recommend.  90% 

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